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Our Major Projects

First Fill & Start Up Chemicals For ETHYDCO’s Petrochemicals

In 2011 we supplied all first fill and start up chemicals for ETHYDCO’s Petrochemicals Complex. Ethydco is the largest in Egypt and Africa, implemented with the latest state of art technology to be a leading provider of advanced high quality products ( Linear Low & High Density Polyethylene, Polybutadiene ) with the co-operation of Toyo – Japan.

First Fill Chemicals For Assiut Oil Refining Company (ASORC)

Supplying first fill chemicals for Assiut Oil Refining Company (ASORC) New Naphtha Complex Project “ISBL” extension in 2020. Assiut Oil Refining (ASORC) is one of the national companies located in Upper Egypt, ASORC provides a major share of neighboring provinces demand for petroleum products by refining 91,000 barrels of crude oil per day.

RO Water Treatment Chemicals for The Zohr Gas Field

In 2020, Supplying all RO Water Treatment Chemicals ( Pre-treatment Chemicals, Antiscalant, Post Treatment Chemicals ) for the Zohr Gas Field which is believed to be the largest-ever gas discovery in Egypt and the 2019 production from the field reached more than 2.7 billion cubic feet of gas per day (bcf/d)