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Our professional team works to increase productivity on the market.

Ultra-filtration (UF) For Drinking Water Application

GOC systems offers best cost-efficient Engineering Ultra filtration systems serving capacities ranging from 100 to 5000 m3/day. Our Ultra-filtration units are prominent by its lower power & chemicals consumption and minimal foot-print.

Reverse Osmosis

Design & Installation and Maintenance services of both sea and brackish water RO plants are provided by GOC highly qualified team. Containerized and on-site built plants are offered with top branded equipment.

Waste Water Treatment

Utilizing Membrane Bio-reactor (MBR) and Moving Bed Bio-reactor (MBBR) technologies, GOC provides smooth-effective and sustainable pre-assembled wastewater plants for both industrial and municipal applications. Energy Efficient aeration process is our key to a lower cost of ownership.

GOC offers specialized units with innovative technologies for Oil & Gas fields. Produced water is optimally treated for beneficial reuse and reinjection process. Both leased and turn-key units are offered according to client needs.